May 22, 2024 News

tv Conducts Safety Trainings Across Various Projects


Our Safety team has been hard at work setting up various trainings across our jobsites and offices!

The Middletown Fire Department conducted a practice rescue at our Middletown Downtown CSO Basin project, where they brought out their 100-foot ladder truck to hoist the dummy from the bottom of the basin/excavation. We are grateful they took the time to familiarize themselves with our project site and learn the logistics in case of emergency. It's incredible to know we are working in a community that will put plans in place to care for us if we need them!

Firefighter Safe recently provided a confined space training to our field craft and project team leaders. The class was both classroom and hands-on training as our teammates were able to gear up, tie off to the tripod, and be lowered into a confined space simulator.

3M Fall Protection Specialist, Tucker Burquest, from Falltech visited our Westerly project to demonstrate different types of fall protection and discuss its importance.

Thank you to our partners for helping keep our teammates safe!